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Should I do an apprenticeship?

If you prefer to learn by doing, and want a more ‘hands-on’ experience than university provides, then an apprenticeship could be right for you.

Doing an apprenticeship allows you to take your first step on the career ladder as you learn. 


How do I find apprenticeships near me? 

If you’re looking to find an apprenticeship in the energy industry, check out this list of energy companies currently looking for apprenticeships. 

How to apply for an apprenticeship?

Applying for an apprenticeship is easy! Check out our list of energy companies offering apprenticeships - when you see an apprenticeship near you that you are interested in, you’ll need to have a CV or details of your grades and any work experience to hand. 


How much does an apprenticeship pay?

Different companies and roles pay different amounts, but you can expect an apprenticeship to pay at least minimum wage, as well as the standard benefits of the job (including holidays).


Your job will also pay for all your training costs, meaning that you will not incur any student debt throughout your apprenticeship.

How do I get a job in energy? 

The energy industry is changing - transitioning to a greener, smarter, more secure energy system for a Net Zero world. So there are so many more opportunities to find a job in the industry: whether that is in wind and solar power, energy storage and transmission, nuclear or something different. 


If you’re looking to get an energy job, the first step is to consider what area appeals to you. Are you an engineer? If so then you could become an Offshore Wind Turbine Integrity Engineering Manager! Prefer planning? Try a career as a Consents & Environment Manager.


Why are we encouraging women to apply?  

We know that everyone has a part to play in the energy industry and we want to ensure we have the very best talent available in our industry. Historically, fewer women have worked as tradespeople in the industry, but times have changed and we want to be clear that our apprenticeship programs are a great career path for everyone.  


Where are the roles available?  

Across the UK, You can find more information of positions and locations available in 2023 here. Click through to the company that you’re interested in to find out more.  


What qualifications do I need to be an apprentice?

Most apprenticeships don’t have specific entry requirements, and are more based on key strengths and qualities: you’ll receive all the training you need on the job. 

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