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Why Energy?

As we move towards a greener future, you can make a real difference with a career in energy. Help us power the future.

Workers inspecting solar panels

Power the nation

Jobs in energy are on the rise. There’s so much changing in the energy industry right now, and it means that there are a lot of opportunities in new areas: so now is the perfect time to get in from the ground floor and learn the changes as they happen. 


Working in the energy industry is not just installing boilers (although that is an option if you fancy it!). From working on wind and solar farms to developing smart energy networks and green heat as well as roles in nuclear power and much more. There is a job for everyone, no matter what you want to do and where your skillset lies. 

Apprentice repairing equipment. She is weating a hard hat and protective clothing.
Two colleagues in a meeting room
A group of three women apprentices from ScottishPower

We're on a journey towards Net Zero

It’s been predicted that by 2050, the UK will need 400,000 people to create a net zero energy workforce. That means that those on energy apprenticeships now will have the chance to be involved right from the start on some exciting projects and to grow with the industry. 


There is currently a skills gap in the UK to fill the jobs that will be created: from wind power to solar power, and even tidal power. So if you’re looking for a job in which you can learn and grow (while helping to make the UK a greener place), energy is the perfect industry for you.

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