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About Apprenticeships

Being an apprentice isn’t like it seems on that BBC TV show: there’s a lot less running around trying to sell things and witty boardroom jokes, and a lot more learning, while actually making a difference. 


Getting an apprenticeship is a viable alternative to university or college, meaning you can gain hands-on experience and gain a qualification while earning a wage. 

As an apprentice in the energy industry, you’ll:

Earn as you learn

Receive a wage from your apprenticeship as you learn. No student debt here - you’ll earn at least minimum wage and get paid holidays!

Gain practical skills

Getting an apprenticeship means you learn those job-specific skills …as well as practical skills like communication, IT and teamwork, which employers look for.

Receive a qualification

Your study will mean you earn a qualification while you work. The type of qualification will depend on your apprenticeship.

Time to train

Get time to train and for study related to your role (at least 20% of your normal working hours)

Hands-on experience

Hands-on training from actually doing the job, which looks great on the CV.

Help power the UK

Energy apprenticeships mean that you’ll be on the front line in providing cleaner, greener, more secure energy in the UK - how cool is that?

Long story short, if you feel that uni life isn’t for you, and you’d rather hit the ground running (and start building up your career from day one), then it’s time to find an apprenticeship that’s right for you.


So, what’s next?


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